Leaving the Door Open While the A/C is Running

I have a silly dog who is a lot of fun.

Although she is beginning to show her age, she still sometimes does some very puppy-like things. She has a hard time getting up and down now, and she no longer can get into the car without help. Nevertheless, she will occasionally grab one of her toys and start throwing it around the room. She has silly habits, too. One of those habits is that she likes to go outside and enjoy the sunshine every so often. Don’t get me wrong, she is also quick to lie down beside the a/c air vent to soak up the air conditioning on a summer day. But she does still like to go outside and point her nose toward the sun and just lie there like a sun worshiper. That is, she likes to do that as long as I keep the door open. Obviously, I don’t want to keep the door open while the a/c is running, so it is always a battle between my dog and me. I hear the a/c engage, so I start to shut the door. Then she looks at me with those pleading eyes that seem to say, “Just let me enjoy my day in the sun.” So, I ignore the a/c and leave the door open. If it is a weekday morning, I let the air conditioning stream out the door while I take my shower. Between the HVAC running and sending the air conditioning out into the backyard and the water heater giving me my morning scrub, the mornings are probably my most wasteful time of day.



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