Making an appointment and keeping it

My wife is a very forgetful person, and she often loses her keys, wallet, and phone.

She always has to go back to the car to find something, and she rarely remembers appointments.

We have a giant calendar in the kitchen, so we can see everything scheduled for the month. Last week, we had a scheduled appointment for our HVAC unit. Both of us can hear a steady humming sound from the furnace, and it seems to be getting louder and louder. My wife made the appointment with the HVAC business, and one of us was supposed to take Tuesday off work. Neither one of us remembered to do that, and we had to reschedule the appointment. Luckily, they had an appointment for Thursday. My wife was already off work, so it worked out perfectly. Early Thursday morning, my wife decided to go to the spa. She met some friends for lunch and lost track of time. She completely forgot about the HVAC service appointment. When they called my phone, I was a little mad. My wife didn’t answer their call, and she didn’t answer mine either. By the time I got her on the line, the HVAC technician already left the house. Now we have another appointment scheduled for next Wednesday, and we have to keep the appointment. We already rescheduled the appointment once, and the HVAC technician was unhappy that no one was at our residence last Thursday. If we don’t keep this appointment, they will charge us a $75.00 fee. If that happens, we might have to find another HVAC service carrier.

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