The maid is off this week

Teenagers can be quite a challenge and when you have triplets that are seventeen, challenge is putting is mildly.

I have triplet gentlemen and that makes it even worse; Each of them plays on a weird athletic hobbys team and the overall stink in their room is that of a moderate locker room. I needed to scrub the room for some out of town guests that would be staying over so I asked them to help out. You know, option up the laundry, put away all the athletic hobbys equipment, things like that. Well, 2 hours later I walked in and it looked exactly the same. They were all on their cellphones or playing a video game. I lost it! I started telling them that it was the maid’s day off and they better get the room clean. They finally did but when I walked in the place still stunk. The overall air quality in the room was horrible and I wanted our guests to believe welcome not repulsed. I knew I needed a way to scrub the air, fast! I headed to the hardware store to purchase the best air purification device they sold. I also bought air fresheners to spray the room with. The device I bought has a HEPA filter and a chamber where you can put in a desmellizer too. I like this little machine. Within a few hours of plugging it in, the place stinked much better. I left it running for 2 days before our guests arrived and I changed the filter again that day. I was happy when they commented on how scrub the room was, especially since it belonged to 3 youngsters.

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