The power of ductless a/c is impressive

When I think of ductless Heating & Air Conditioning systems, images from more than one outdated movie come to my mind.

First I think about the window air conditioner unit that falls onto the elderly lady from the film Billy Madison.

Then I think of the talking window A.C. unit blowing up on The Brave Little Toaster film. These Heating & Air Conditioning systems are great for any type of housing unit or structure too tiny for running ductwork. Think of a small hotel room, a crucial shed, RV campers, mobile homes, & apartments. My friend Benny had a real crucial shed converted into a mini home with a kitchen & powder room. His father installed a mini-cut air conditioner unit since there was no attic. I can say to the mighty cooling strength of these systems. Just like the 1s you see in motels, they can change a cold room to a warm one quick. Whenever I stayed in cheap hotels those little A.C. systems would wake me up shivering underneath blankets. These are not like the central cooling systems in our homes that overshoot the temperature control temperature by a few notches. If you put 1 of these ductless Heating & Air Conditioning units on 65, it may well cool past it’s targeted amount by a few degrees due to the tiny room. I can sincerely say you would not need ice in your drinks if you have 1 of these around. Do not underestimate the power of these ductless mini-cut Heating & Air Conditioning units.



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