I needed furnace service last week

I had called the HVAC company to come and give my furnace a good cleaning before the winter weather began.

  • I called about a month before our regular first snow hit, which was anywhere toward the end of October.

When August ended and September began, I still hadn’t had the HVAC company arrive to clean my furnace. I called the HVAC company a second time and asked them about my yearly maintenance on my furnace. They told me I was on the list of people requesting maintenance and they would call me with a time, as soon as my turn came up. They must have had a million customers on their HVAC service list because I still didn’t have a phone call when the end of September came and went. I was now getting worried, so I called a third time. They told me they had called and left a message, and I wasn’t home when they showed up. I don’t have a message machine and I only have a house phone. I don’t go anywhere unless someone takes me because I don’t drive. They insisted I left a message. I called a different HVAC company and explained my situation. They set me up for a service call the very next day. I signed a new service maintenance agreement with them for my entire HVAC system. Two days later, my regular HVAC company called to tell me it was now my turn. I said I had needed the service last week before it snowed, and I had just called another HVAC company. The woman got angry and hung up on me.


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