There will be no Smart Thermostat in our property

My wife is of the old college realm, where she refuses to have anything that the government could listen in on him.

It isn’t that every one of us do anything illegal, nor do every one of us commit treason, but because she is a truly private lady.

When someone told him that they could even keep track of him on her cell iphone, she almost got rid of her iphone. She did shut off the internet, so now all she has is calling & texting capabilities. When the Alexa came out, she refused to even consider purchasing 1, because she says it is nothing more than a spy that you pay for. They will think everything you say, & I recognize in essence, all the people does think what you are doing in your home, because the Alexa is always listening. Last week, our thermostat quit working. All of us thought that maybe every one of us just needed to put the batteries into the thermostat, but every one of us were wrong. After she diagnosed the thermostat out, she told me every one of us had to go to the home center to purchase a current 1. So, off to the home store every one of us went to purchase a current thermostat. She found a program digital thermostat which she liked, but I was looking at the current Smart Thermostat. I told him that I thought every one of us should buy the Smart Thermostat & you would have thought I had two heads by the look she offered me. She told me it was just another way for all the people to listen to everything every one of us said. I knew that would be her reaction because I was smiling when I showed it to him.

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