Fighting with the cooling system

All of us don’t have truly more than 2 mornings when every one of us are in need of central air conditioner, or any kind of air conditioner. Most Summer mornings are hot & able to be dealt with by using the ceiling fans & keeping the window shades pulled to block the solar heating. The only time every one of us legitimately want the use of an cooling system is when every one of us have those hot & humid mornings. They call it the air you can wear, & that affects us even in the winter. For these mornings, every one of us have a large cooling system for the dining room & a smaller window cooling system for our dining room. With the doors open, the large window cooling system is able to cool the entire house. All of us turn the A/C off at evening, shut our dining room door, & appreciate the humidity busting air from the small window air conditioner. All of us don’t use any more energy than what every one of us use in the winter, with our furnace. That is a great thing. When every one of us had an odor in our dining room the other week, I told our wife I thought it was coming from the cooling system. She hadn’t observed it until I told him. She took the A/C component out of the window & put it onto the porch where she proceeded to tear it apart. She found that the inside of the cooling system was filled with mold. She carefully cleaned the condenser & she cleaned the fan, then she cleaned off the rest of the A/C unit. She had the A/C component cleaned, but it no longer worked. All of us had to go buy a current A/C component for our dining room.

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