The fight with the air cooling machine

The people I was with and I don’t have really multiple days when the two of us are in need of central a/c, or any kind of a/c.

Most Summer days areoverheatedand able to be dealt with by using the ceiling fans and keeping the window shades pulled to block the solar heating.

The only time the two of us actually want the use of an cooling system is when the two of us have thoseoverheatedand humid days. They call it the air you can wear, and that affects us even in the winter. For these days, the two of us have a sizable cooling system for the study room and a smaller window cooling system for our study room. With the doors open, the sizable window cooling system is able to cool the entire house. The people I was with and I turn the AC off at night, shut our study room door, and prefer the humidity busting air from the small window a/c. The people I was with and I don’t use any more energy than what the two of us use in the winter, with our gas furnace. That is a fine thing. When the two of us had an odor in our study room the other week, I told my fiance I thought it was coming from the cooling system. He hadn’t noticed it until I told him. He took the AC device out of the window and put it onto the porch where he proceeded to tear it apart. He found that the inside of the cooling system was filled with mold. He carefully cleaned the condenser and he cleaned the fan, then he cleaned off the rest of the AC unit. He had the AC device cleaned, however it no longer worked. The people I was with and I had to go buy a modern AC device for our study room.

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