Where is my danish?

Danishes are my favorite dessert.

It doesn’t matter if the danish is chocolate, apple, cherry, or cheese.

I love the flaky crust and delicious filling. When I was a kid, my mom used to make me danishes on Sunday. It’s a great memory that I have of my mom. I made a whole batch of danishes this weekend, and I had one of them last night. I made Peach, blueberry, chocolate, and cheese. I wrapped them up individually. I took a few danishes to work on Monday morning, so I could share them with some of my co-workers. I left them in the refrigerator in the break room, so we could have them with lunch. When I went back to the break room to retrieve the danishes, they were all missing. I still don’t know who stole my delicious confections, but I have a pretty good idea. There was a maintenance worker in the office that day, because we had some trouble with the office thermostat. The maintenance worker was the only person in the kitchen. He was working on the HVAC problems all morning, and he was in and out of the kitchen several times. In fact, I even remember seeing him standing next to the refrigerator. I can’t prove the person took my danishes, but I’m going to have my eye on him. Next time we have a problem with the heating or air-conditioning system, maybe I’ll set up a sting with more of my delicious and sweet treats. Then I will know 100% if this is the thief in the office.

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