Collapsed ductwork falls in the attic

I hardly ever go in the attic at my house.

My husband put all of our decorations and boxes in the space and then I forgot all about it.

I’ve rarely thought about the garage, until just recently. I’ve heard a few strange sounds. This weekend, I heard a loud and abrupt clatter. I told my husband to check out the problem, but he didn’t feel like going anywhere. I had to go in the attic myself to see what happened. I quickly realized that a piece of ductwork was collapsed. The ductwork in our home is very aged, and I’m not surprised we’ve had problems. I am surprised the ductwork was so mangled. I’ve never seen anything like it. It looked like a bear ran through the attic and knocked everything to the floor. I asked my husband if he could fix the ductwork, but he said it was way too complicated for him. I thought that was a lame excuse to be lazy, but I didn’t say anything. Instead, I contacted the local HVAC company or house. I told them about the ductwork problem and they scheduled an emergency appointment for the same day. A lot of dust and debris can enter the system with this collapsed ductwork, so the company considered it an emergency situation. We didn’t have to make an appointment and they came right away. My husband and I paid a couple hundred dollars for the repair, but I really think my husband could have handled the job on his own. That would have saved us time and aggravation and money.

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