I am hurt as well as still working hard

I’m actually angry with my task as well as the company that I am emplotted by.

I have been a certified Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman for the past 15 years. I’ve worked at a number of weird heating as well as air conditioner companies. I’ve maintained repairs, service calls, upgrade tasks, as well as even in the office. I have a lot of know-how as well as a great reputation for being a hard worker, but still, my boss gave me a hard time last week, when I told him that I got hurt on the task. I was carrying pieces of an Heating & Air Conditioning component from the truck to a residence. I tripped over a hose on the lawn as well as the Heating & Air Conditioning components toppled to the ground. I fell right on top of the equipment, as well as I bruised my leg as well as knee badly. I couldn’t walk well for the rest of the day. When I got house from work, my leg was genuinely swollen as well as red. I decided to go to the emergency room, just in case I had a blood clot. I found out that my leg was fractured on the interior side. The emergency room cast my leg as well as gave me all of the paperwork. When I went to labor the next day, I had a conversation with my boss. I told him that my leg was broken from the previous day’s accident. My boss called me a liar, as well as she said workmen’s compensation would never pay a claim. I never thought about workman’s compensation for a single minute, until I saw the angry look on my boss’s face. I was hurt, as well as she was ticked off.

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