AC struck by lightning during a freak storm

My fiance and I live in a giant home building.

There are six floors and 20 or 24 apartments on each level.

My fiance and I live on the 4th floor in a multiple-living room apartment. It’s entirely a truly costly space with a good view of the monument. We can even see the neighborhood park from our scaffolding. All of the home AC units are on top of the building. It’s a different locale to put the equipment, but most of the home buildings are the same way. We’ve never had a problem with the localement of the AC component until last weekend. A clear and sunny day turned into a freak thunderstorm. The clouds opened up and it rained steadily for 6 hours. All of the rivers and tributaries were completely flooded, however lightning struck many locales in our village, including our own home building. Half of the AC units for the building were rendered useless, when a giant bolt of lightning struck the power transformer. It took 24 hours to repair all of the complications. The rain fell down taxing most of the night and then half of the day. My fiance and I were lucky, because the two of us didn’t have any trouble with our indoor air machine. Several of our neighbors were unlucky, and they had a lot of trouble from the storm. We didn’t lose power or the use of our air conditioner, but many of our neighbors were not so fortunate. That storm was a single of the weirdest weather anomalies to come through the area in a long time.

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