How to get rid of the garbage smell

I have to do something about the stink in my garage.

We get garbage pick up every two weeks, by the end of week two the trash just reeks. I have tried using scented bags, keeping the bins closed and using air fresheners. The stink in the garage is so bad that I hate going in there. What is horrible is that our garage is indoors and hooked to the central HVAC. The ductwork for our HVAC equipment extends to the garage. So the foul odor from the trash used to blow into the air ducts and then be cycled all over the home. Rather than allow the whole house to reek, we sealed off the air ducts in the garage. Well, the heating and air used to circulate the stink so it was not as powerful. Now with the odor staying in the garage and getting no fresh air blown in, it is just horrible. What can we do about the smell? I am thinking about maybe trying air purification. I can open back up the air vent but attach an air purifier to our HVAC equipment. This way when the HVAC is on, the air purifier would try to remove the odor from the indoor air quality. I have also read that HEPA filters are really good for stinky indoor air. Finally, there are Ultraviolet lights that are very powerful air cleaning tools. They can all install right into the HVAC. I think after these things the odor should be gone. If not, I think I just have to live with stinky trash.


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