Sizing on HVAC is important

Double check the HVAC contractor’s work too

For certain things in life, size does matter. The size of your fridge is really important. Getting too big of a fridge is such a waste of energy. Too small of a fridge is nothing but a problem. A HVAC device really needs to be the right size for your home too. It can really put a damper on your energy bills if it is off. Too large of an HVAC unit achieves the temperature on the thermostat way too easily. That might sound good, but it means the HVAC is cycling on and off all day. Fully powering on and then totally turning off takes a lot of juice. It is better to have the HVAC work all day long at a steady, even stream. Expect high energy bills with a too large system. Also, because it rapidly changes on and off, there will be tons of hot and cold spots. Too small is not any better though. A tiny system never can achieve the temperature on the thermostat. So the HVAC just keeps working and working. Eventually parts wear out, overheat or just plain quit. A lot of HVAC repairs are expected when the HVAC system is too small. The energy bills will be way higher and the homeowner will not be satisfied with the temperature at home. It doesn’t matter what kind or brand of HVAC you get. The sizing on the HVAC unit needs to be in proportion to the home size. Double check the HVAC contractor’s work too. Make sure they don’t accidentally get it wrong. You don’t want to pay a lot for a small mistake.

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