Things to look for in a HVAC business

There are certain things to watch out for in the HVAC industry.

When you get central HVAC, make sure the HVAC business does the ductwork in their own business.

Some people hire out to a sheet metal business to create the ductwork. This can be a pain since you have to wait for the sheet metal guys to finish up before the HVAC contractor installs your system. Also, the more people involved, the more human error happens. The measurements could be written down wrong or the sheet metal guy reads it wrong. Then the air ducts are slightly too long, large or small. The HVAC ducts then don’t fit perfectly in the home and you have a mess. The home gets destroyed and the HVAC ducts are not as strong. When the HVAC contractor and sheet metal guy work for the same business, they work together on the HVAC duct creation and installation. You will for sure have a perfect finished product. Another thing to watch out for is how the HVAC business sizes HVAC equipment. Most HVAC contractors use rule of thumb. They take a light measurement of your home and then pad up the measurements for error. You then get stuck with a too large of HVAC unit that just wastes energy. Some HVAC providers actually have technology that measures the home exactly and fit the HVAC to those exact measurements. That way you are paying for the perfect system in your home. None of the HVAC businesses are trying to pull one over on you. But some are just not as careful as others.

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