Thinking of an electric heater for the kitchen

I spent a fortune getting a little cabin in the woods.

I wanted a secluded place to read, sleep and be by myself.

Most importantly, I wanted to be near hunting grounds too. I paid a lot for the area I am in and also the size of my property. The cabin is really small and not in the best shape. I got the cabin for a steal because it is not doing so good and because there was no HVAC. I don’t think I am even going to worry about air conditioning. Hunting season for me is when it is cold. I hunt in the fall and early winter. I will only go to the cabin when the weather is cold. So I am only going to focus on heating. Everyone is pushing for me to get a wood burning fireplace. I don’t want to mess with chopping, drying and storing wood though. Also then I am battling ashes and soot in the cabin. I think what I want is a small electric heater. I don’t want to deal with buying propane or gas. Electric heating will be consistent. It is said to be pricey, but I wont run it that much. I also want it to be reliable and easily set up. A HVAC contractor can install an electric heater real easily for a low cost. I think it can be quite tiny too. The cabin is not that large and I am mainly going to be in the living room and bedroom. I don’t really care if the kitchen has quality heating.

HVAC zone control

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