Rental home HVAC is sub par

The rental home I am in has the worst HVAC ever.

If I actually owned the house I would consider ripping it out and starting fresh.

The air conditioner is just not powerful enough. I have tried changing the air filter, cleaning the inside, adding more coolant and messing with the outdoor component. No matter what, the air conditioner hardly works. In the summer I set the thermostat with more wishful thinking in mind. If I dare use the oven I know I am going to be suffering. The house can’t be under 72 degrees I have found. The air conditioner simply can’t pump out that amount of cold air. The heating might be worse though. Everytime I turn on the heater the smell of burnt hair hits me. The burning hair smell is so bad that it drives me out of the house a lot. I don’t know if it goes away or if I adapt to it after awhile. I know it is bad enough that my buddies won’t come over in the winter due to it. I have tried candles, air fresheners and even an air purifier. The heater’s stinky aroma still lingers in the air quality. What more can I do? I have tried getting my landlord to get a HVAC contractor into the house. It would be nice to have the HVAC professionally cleaned and looked at. I bet there is a lot of dust up inside of it. That might be why it doesn’t work so great. It is tired, dirty and sluggish.
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