Saving money on HVAC when you are in college

In the summer we don’t even bother with AC

I live with three other guys and go to college part time. The guys and I all are a bit tight on funds. So we are agree to save cash however we can. My take napkins and condiment packages from restaurants. I take toilet paper from the college bathrooms all the time. We also are very stingy when it comes to HVAC. The house we rent has central heating and air, we just never use it. The cost of running HVAC is super high. In the fall and spring, we can get by with no form of climate control. The weather changes daily anyway. We just dress a little different depending on the temperature. In the winter we are forced to use some type of heating device. We use four space heaters. One heater in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. The reason those rooms get heating is due to piping. We don’t want the bathroom or kitchen piping to freeze and then burst. That would be a hefty plumbing repair. Then we go two to a room and get a portable heater in the room. The cost of electric of course goes up, but it is cheaper than running a central heating system. We don’t worry about the whole household being the same temperature. We also just heat enough where we don’t freeze to death. In the summer we don’t even bother with AC. Yeah, sometimes mold happens but we simply clean it up and run the dehumidifier a little more. For cooling needs we go to big businesses and hang out or to the local pool.


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