Our AC Unit Made Weird Knocking Noises:

My husband and I thought our house was haunted.

We had been hearing weird noises and random knocking at the door.

When I heard a knock the other day, I opened the door, but nobody was there. This kept happening, but nobody was ever there. My husband and I were determined to stop the constant knocking, so we installed a brand new security system. Whenever we’d hear a knock or odd noise, we’d look at the footage to find the culprit. Nobody was ever there, which lead us to believe that our house was haunted. We went weeks with the knocking, but thought there was nothing we could do about it. When it came time for our biannual HVAC maintenance appointment, we thought nothing of it. The HVAC technician showed up at our house on time and went about his normal routine. My husband and I weren’t expecting him to find any issues with our air conditioning unit. The technician came to us and asked us if we’d been experiencing any issues with our AC, but we said no. He said that it was odd that we didn’t have any AC concerns, because the AC unit was knocking and creating odd noises. When he told us this, my husband and I looked at each other and laughed. All this time we thought there was a ghost in our house, when really it was just our air conditioning equipment needing attention! Thankfully, the HVAC technician was able to find the loose parts that were causing the knocking and tighten them. No more weird noises for us!


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