My Ducts Were Leaking:

I’m so glad I was paying attention to my air conditioning system, and I acted quickly

Lately, I’ve been noticing my air conditioning system or lack thereof. I’ve never had to worry about my HVAC equipment before, because I’ve never had any serious issues with it. I have a professional HVAC technician come to my house twice a year and service my HVAC equipment because that’s what’s expected. However lately, I’ve been noticing that the air in my living room and kitchen hasn’t been cooling efficiently. Despite the fact that my thermostat was set to 71 degrees, my living room felt like it was 75 degrees. It was also so humid that my back doors were fogging up. I knew this wasn’t right. I called my local HVAC company and asked them to service my air conditioning system as quickly as possible. Thankfully, someone had canceled their appointment at the last minute, and they could send a technician over right away. When he arrived, he examined my air conditioning equipment and had an answer for me within thirty minutes. Apparently, I had leaky ducts. The leaks were causing the extra humidity, uncomfortable room temperatures, and less efficiency. The HVAC technician was able to fix the leaky ducts that day, but it would take my air conditioning system an hour or so to bounce back. He recommended getting a dehumidifier if the humidity was difficult to get rid of. He also said that my utility bill would probably be higher that month, so to not be alarmed. I’m so glad I was paying attention to my air conditioning system, and I acted quickly. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I had waited.



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