My New Office Has a Shared Thermostat:

I’ve been working with the same company for the past 10 years. I love my job, but I’ve been working in a small office in the middle of the building. There are no windows and it can get stuffy, especially during a rainy day. When one of the older staff members retired, I was ecstatic, because his office was available. His office was not only double the size of mine, but it had two big windows that overlooked the garden in the middle. I didn’t care so much about the size, but I really wanted a window. The natural sunlight would be less depressing and I could open the windows and listen to the birds. When I found out about the retired staff member, I went straight to my boss and practically begged him for the office. Thankfully, he let me have it! It was a bit of process to move all my stuff from one office to the next, but it was all worth it. On my first day working in the new office, I realized that the thermostat was in the office next to me, and it was shared. This wouldn’t be so bad, if the coworker next door wasn’t 8 months pregnant and experiencing heat flashes. She had the thermostat set to 67 degrees on max capacity! The air was blowing so heavily out of the vent, that I could barely think. I was also freezing! I couldn’t tell her to change the thermostat, and I knew I’d only have to deal with the freezing temperatures for another month before she was on maternity leave.



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