I Experienced A Zone Controlled Apartment:

When my apartment flooded, a good friend of mine let me stay with her in her apartment for a few days.

Her apartment was a little bit further away from work, but I didn’t have much choice.

I’d only been to her apartment one time previously, so she showed me around again and helped me get settled into the guest room. This was a nice surprise, because I was fully expecting to sleep on her couch. The room had everything I needed plus more for a few days. She had fresh towels, fluffy pillows, and extra toiletries ready for me to use. If you can believe it, that wasn’t even the best part! Right before bed, she showed me the thermostat on my guest bedroom wall. I told her to set the temperature to whatever she normally would, because I didn’t want to be a burden. She told me that this thermostat was just for my room. Apparently, she had her apartment zoned, which meant she could heat or cool different sections of her house to different temperatures. That night, I set my thermostat to 73 degrees, and slept wonderfully in the cool air. I thought the zoned control was the coolest HVAC invention in the world, and wondered why more people never used zoned control. I know so many families who argue over the settings on their temperature control, and a zoned system would solve all of that. For Christmas this year, I’m having a zoned temperature control installed in my brother’s house, because his family could really benefit!

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