I Had To Replace My HVAC System and Ducts:

Nobody teaches you about the real life things that are valuable as an adult.

For example, nobody ever taught me about buying a home, car insurance, or how to change a tire.

Don’t get me wrong, I can always ask my family and friends about these things. However, don’t you think I should already know this? No, instead, I know the Pythagorean theorem by heart and how to find X in an algebraic equation. Another big thing I had to navigate on my own, was replacing my HVAC system. When a professional HVAC technician came to service my antique HVAC equipment last month, he left me with bad news. Apparently, my HVAC system was 16 years old, and was long overdue for a replacement. I had no idea what to do or where to look for the best prices on a brand new system. Thankfully, the technician who delivered the bad news was willing to help. I met him the following day at his warehouse, and he went through all the various HVAC systems on the market. It felt like I spent hours there, trying to make a decision. Ultimately, I picked the best HVAC system for my house and my preferences. The only problem, was that I’d need brand new ducts as well. I was worried the process would take weeks, and that my house would be a construction zone. However, the HVAC professional that helped me select my new system, had the whole replacement done in half the time, and he cleaned up the mess along the way. Afterwards, he showed me the ropes and made sure I fully understood my new HVAC equipment.

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