My HVAC System Was Scammed:

Last year, when my air conditioning system stopped working, I was stressed out.

I would set my thermostat to 70 degrees, but the temperature would never drop below 77 degrees. My air conditioner would run all day long, and I knew my utility bill was going to soar. I called around to some local HVAC businesses to get a quote on the repairs, but they were all way more than I wanted to pay. I knew my air conditioner just needed a simple fix, I just didn’t know what it was. I wasn’t confident in fixing the equipment myself either. When I was complaining about my broken AC system at work, another coworker said they had a distant cousin who could fix my AC system for half the cost of the quoted prices I recieved. I was so excited! I called her distant cousin and he agreed to come by later that evening to service it. I waited around for hours, until finally 10pm rolled around and he knocked on my door. I was irritated with how late it was, but told myself that I didn’t know much about him and his schedule. All I wanted was my AC system fixed. He went out back to my condenser unit for thirty minutes, and when he came back inside, said my system should be running smoothly in an hour. I paid him cash and he left. Long story short, my AC system never started working properly, and I have no idea what he did. I had to call the local HVAC business in town and pay for emergency servicing. I paid way too much money, all because I was being cheap and taking the easy way out.

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