Sacrificing comfortable air quality to lower your bill

I have been struggling with money for the past couple of months.

My company recently let go of half of its staff and unfortunately I was one of the people that got let go.

I wasn’t expecting to have to start looking for a job so quickly, but I have been looking for about two months now. I am started to get frustrated because I really need money to help pay the bills. So, I started to look for ways around the house that I could save money while I looked for jobs that would help me make money. I really wish that I could just go back to my old job because I really did like working for that company, but that is not an option. One thing that really did help me save money was to turn off my HVAC system. It was hard to do because right now it is the middle of winter, but I have been using a space heater and that seems to help keep things pretty warm. I can’t wait for the day that I get a new job and can turn on my HVAC system again. I really don’t like being cold in my house, but I don’t really have another option at this point. When I got my energy bill for the month, I was happy that I turned off my HVAC system because the amount of money I saved was amazing. Maybe I should consider keeping the HVAC system off more often, then I would really start to save some money.

HVAC tune-up

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