Brothers new radiant flooring

My brother and his new wife, Jess, are very fancy people.

They like to have the best of the best and they will spare no expense getting exactly what they want.

They are always buying new cars, going on vacation and remodeling their home. I don’t know where they are always finding money to do all these crazy things, but I have to admit that I am a little bit jealous of their lifestyle. A couple of weeks ago my brother called me to say that Jess wanted to have radiant flooring installed in the kitchen and bathroom. He wanted to know if I knew of an HVAC company that could install radiant flooring for them. I didn’t know of an HVAC company that specializes in radiant flooring, but I was excited to start researching and help him find one that could get the job done. About an hour into looking for HVAC companies that could install radiant flooring, I started to realize how expensive it was going to be to have this kind of flooring installed in their house. I called my brother to ask if he knew how much the radiant flooring was going to cost and he said that Jess always got what she wanted. This made me nervous for him, but I didn’t want to question his marriage. So, I kept looking for an HVAC company that could help my brother out. After about six hours of searching I found a company that I think will be able to install the radiant flooring for them.

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