Office is having some HVAC issues

The office building that I work in has been having some major heating issues lately.

They have had to call an HVAC company out to the office six times so far in the past couple months.

I have had to go almost a week without proper heating while I waited for the heating issues to be fixed. It pretty much meant that I had to dress as if I was working outside on the streets in the cold winter weather! Except for the building itself keeping me from the outside wind, that may as well have been true! The thermostat said sixty degrees at one point while the heating system was broken. Needless to say, it was kind of hard to get work done. I bought in a space heater for my desk, which improved my comfort a lot. I thought to myself why I had not thought to buy a space heater before, but then I remembered that in the past I was able to rely on my building’s heating system! I hope this latest repair is the last one that will be needed during this winter. Especially, because it doesn’t seem like winter weather is going to be letting up anytime in the near future. At least, I know I can always come home to a working heating system, but that’s only because I take very good care of it! Maybe my HVAC guy needs to get with my boss and give him the service he needs! It seems like the HVAC guys that he uses are not doing a very good job!


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