How I like my hotel rooms

I travel a lot for work.

It’s just something that’s been a part of the job for a while now. I’ve been to many different kinds of hotels. I have never been all that picky about where I go. Is there a nice, big TV in the room? If there is, great, if there isn’t, who cares? Do they serve a complimentary continental breakfast in the morning? If they do, that’s kind of nice, if they don’t, no big deal. There’s only four things they gotta get right when it comes to me. The bed needs to be comfortable, the room needs to be clean, the hot water has to last a decently long time, and that air conditioner better work well. That last one is just about the most important thing to me besides cleanliness. Most of the time, I’m good, because hotel air conditioning units seem to be really awesome. I can usually get a really nice, low temperature going, and that, combined with the hum of the unit blowing, sends me to sleep really quickly. I swear, sometimes I sleep better on the road than I do in my own house because of those air conditioners. Sometimes, it makes me wish I lived in a studio apartment, just so long as I could have one of those hotel air conditioners. Seriously, they make the trip for me, at least when it comes to business trips. Obviously, when I’m on vacation, I’m excited for a little more than the air conditioner!

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