Memories of summer camp

I remember summer camp rather fondly.

There was all sorts of fun to have at that lake.

The surrounding forests and hills were really nice to explore and hike through. I distinctly remember that the food wasn’t even that bad, especially breakfast! It was a great experience as a teenager. Not to mention the fact that I had my first relationship there; short-lived though it was, it was certainly sweet! Just about the only problem I can think of was that I always seemed to get the cabin that had the faulty air conditioner. Now, pops would tell me that when he went to this camp back in the day, there was no air conditioner in the cabins. That’s fine and good tough guy, but I actually wanted to sleep! The problem seemed to follow me too. One year, only cabin 3’s air conditioner broke down, and that was my cabin. The next year, cabin 5’s air conditioner was the only one that broke down, and that was my cabin! It’s a good thing I’m pretty decent at living on a little bit of sleep, though I certainly don’t want to! As fun as camp was, it always nice coming home to a proper air conditioning unit! The first night back home, I would have my big box fan blowing on me despite the fact that I had air conditioning, because I wanted that extra cold to make up for the camp experience! I don’t consider myself to be less of a camper because I like air conditioning, come on!


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