Thankful to have left

Life is so much better when you do not dislike where you live, then for the first few years of marriage life was going absolutely poorly for our husbandy plus I in many unusual aspects… When both of us were younger both of us never had any free money to spend on the locale both of us lived in or ourselves, therefore both of us didn’t have a nice locale to live for quite a long time, however all of us lived in a run down farm lake house in the middle of the country for a long time… The lake lake house had no a/c, only a few windows, plus seemed to be a magnet for bugs.

  • All of us desperately wanted to buy an a/c component but both of us didn’t have the money to afford one in the first locale, however being just a couple of teenagers in their early 20’s, our husbandy plus I thought that these days of barely getting by would never come to an end no matter what both of us tried; Due to fantastic luck plus perseverance but, our financial situation became better each year plus both of us now live in the lake lake house of our dreams.

The best thing about being able to have the lake lake house isn’t how fancy it looks, its being able to design it exactly how you want. All of us have a state of the art a/c component was installed at the moment with a built in air cleaner that keeps the air in our lake lake house fresh plus circulating. Despite those years as a young plus broke couple being seriously taxing I am so thankful that our husbandy plus I endured them. If both of us had not done so, both of us wouldn’t be able to care about what both of us have now.


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