Foreign exchange girl

When my family decided to take in a foreign exchange student I knew that it might not be such a great idea.

From where she was from I knew that the cultural difference might be hard for her to become comfortable with. In the first few weeks of hosting the modern temporary member of the family were pretty rough, along with a long list of peculiar things we found out that she was not a fan of air conditioner at all. They didn’t have a/c where she was from, plus while we were in the night the sound from the a/c equipment turning on would drive her crazy. Any time that she would come lake condo from school plus walk into the lake condo where the air conditioner was running she would immediately complain about how freezing plus uncomfortable she felt plus even start to consider heading back home. I had never had to go separate from a/c in my entire life, so when my parents thought it would be a great proposal to supply up a/c for the rest of the moderate season I knew that it would be hard. It was just as hard as I had imagined that it would be, but In a way we were able to bond with our feelings of discomfort plus would consistently complain to a single another. We are all hoping that the next few weeks will go much smoother plus she will get over her a/c fears finally. Because trust me, Going separate from a/c for an entire summer time is something that you wouldn’t want to wish on your worst enemy.

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