The party accident

Me and my college pals had a big party recently, and it was a real wild one! We were hanging outside in my backyard, and in the main part of the house. There was loud music, lots of food and lots of beer. The party was to celebrate a friend getting his first job after graduating from college. Things ended up getting a little too wild at times. Everyone was pretty drunk. And in the process, someone outside ended up spilling beer into the HVAC unit. There was a big sizzle sound, and then the entire air conditioning system went out. I ran outside to check and see what had happened. It must have been a whole ton of beer, because the central heating and air conditioning system was totally fried beyond belief! At this point, because it was starting to get pretty hot out, and people were coming in the house, I decided to end the party a little early. I then went to a hotel to spend the night, because there was no way I could be here without air conditioning. The next morning before I left the hotel, I called the local heating and cooling company and told them what had happened. They said they could have someone there by the end of the day. After this happening, I don’t think i’m going to have another wild party at my place again. The damage to my central heating and air conditioning unit was fixable, but it could have cost me to get a whole new HVAC system if it had been just a little worse.


Cooling system

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