The smart cleaning lady fixed my thermostat

I have a cleaning lady come by my place to clean up things once every few months.

I have had the same cleaning lady for over 10 years now, and she is a really nice older lady.

She’s very smart too. The last time she was here, I had been having problems with my thermostat. The thermostat had been not switching on without a fight. I was thinking that the thermostat may have been on its last leg, and that I was either going to have to upgrade my thermostat, or end up having to pay to get the thermostat fixed. I happened to mention it to my cleaning lady while she was cleaning. We always chat while she’s cleaning. When I told her, she stopped doing what she was doing and asked if I would mind if she could have a look at the thermostat. She mentioned that her husband used to be an HVAC specialist, and she knew a few things because of that. After she looked at the thermostat and seen the issue I had been talking about, she asked me for a screwdriver. So, I gave it to her. She unscrewed the thermostat from the wall, and fiddled with some of the wires connecting the thermostat. This took her only about 5 minutes. She then screwed the thermostat back into the wall, and it turned up perfectly! I asked her what she did. The cleaning lady said that there was a wire loose in the connection, and she simply fixed it. I was so happy with what she did and appreciated it, that I paid her a little extra for the day.


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