Did you know what your HVAC service provider can do for you?

Many people don’t realize that their providers for services pertaining to heating, ventilation and air conditioning are capable of doing far more than they lead on.

My own HVAC contracting team often understates what they can do, as I’ve had the team promise a job to be completed by Friday – only for it to be done that Wednesday! It’s all about efficiency, I guess.

That, and it helps to make sure that the HVAC service provider is well equipped to handle your requests! My own HVAC service team often tells me that when I want to get my ductwork cleaning scheduled, I should consider bringing in a different team. I never understood why, as I’ve trusted them to handle my ductwork cleanings in the past! Still, they always tell me it’s worth shopping around. Apparently, I have a very hard ductwork system to clean? I asked them why they always refer me to someone else when I ask about this service, and the HVAC contractors tell me that it’s a very specialized duct system that I have. Apparently, I have small-diameter, high velocity ducts in my home! These are specially designed to circulate air quickly through the house. This also makes it possible for the ducts to remain fairly clear of debris and other airborne pollutants, which would accumulate in most ductwork systems. Since I don’t necessarily need the ductwork to be cleaned out, I suppose I can see why the air conditioning repair technicians say that it should be handled by “a team of specialists”.



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