Fixing my electric furnace

When my old electric furnace died on me recently, it was for the third time this year.

Since it’s always cold in my area, I do tend to put a lot of stress and demand on the electric furnace to keep me warm.

I have portable space heaters that I set up in each room, and use as needed when the furnace can’t seem to keep up. However, I will say that the air conditioning unit works far more effectively than the heating system does. I bring it up, because the air conditioning unit is twice the age of the electric furnace! There’s no reason for this fairly young piece of heating equipment to keep having severe issues. Finally, I contacted one of these local heating and A/C repair companies, and they dispatched a technician to my home after I explained what was happening. When he arrived, the HVAC repair technician introduced himself with a super professional tone. He was very professional, but also had no issue talking with me as he handled the repairs for the system. I had to admit, the guy had a way with people! Anyway, he worked away at the electric furnace for about twenty minutes. I watched as he opened up the furnace, and got into the firebox for the piece of equipment. As he looked around, he cleaned off the burners for the firebox, and suctioned out some dust and dirt using a small shop-vac he brought with him into my basement. Not even ten minutes later, we had the furnace up and running without issue! We were elated to say the least.

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