Rebuilding from taggerty

Facing the devastation after the horrible storms that passed through the Midwest has been one of the most tragic things I have ever witnessed.

Our church has always tried to send relief teams to help with clean up, comfort, and even relocation of residents that simply can not do it alone.

Sure, government agencies try to help too but often acquiring this help takes months. This past trip was really hard on me and I am not sure if I can take many more. We were assigned to help a family that had lost several of their children to the flood waters and it just broke my heart. Of course, by the time we arrived, the waters had receded and the mess was left behind. The mom was so heartbroken that she didn’t even care about anything else that was lost. We were able to bring relief to them through a portable shelter, clothing, and most importantly a portable HVAC unit that runs on propane. There will not be any form of power there for at least a few more weeks and this unit would at least keep them comfortable in their makeshift home. I am sure that you have heard of, or even used, a propane powered heater, however, this was an air conditioner. Our church actually has an agreement with the manufacturer so that we can purchase the units for a much cheaper price and it allows us to supply several of them a year to needy families. They are always grateful and surprised that they can have this comfort even though they have no electricity. I am hopeful that I can bring myself to help again but I will have to carefully consider it next time because I am not sure my heart can take it.

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