Building repairs drive up costs

Our town was founded over 1 hundred years ago as well as multiple of the old buildings are in disrepair. Residents are consistently complaining about the fact that our neighborhood hall building seems to be let go as well as often times seems to be falling apart. It is, in fact, in desperate need of multiple updates yet the town council says that they can do nothing about it. I work for the town as an accountant as well as I can fully understand both sides of this argument. On the 1 side, that of the residents, I can understand because I too would love to see the town hall restored to its former glory. It was designed by immigrants who settled in the part as well as the craftsmanship is unheard of this day in age. The main problem with repairing or upgrading is the fact that finding someone to do the work is nearly impossible. On the side of the town board, there is a much more extreme matter that would impact the residents greatly. At the particularly mention of increasing taxes most people starts to scream. In order to make the repairs every one of us would need to increase the taxes that residents spend money as well as they just don’t get it. Take the failing boiler in the basement of the building, it absolutely needs to be updated. If not, every one of us risk it chopping as well as that could cause even more problems or cost more due to as well as emergency repair. When the board voted to start looking into the updatement they found that it would add over 10 thoUSAnd dollars to our annual budget. The two of us simply have no choice however to increase taxes to afford that much of an increase. Other repairs can wait however this 1 is important to the well being of the building as well as the people who work there.


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