The HVAC Company Calendar

This year, the heating and air conditioning company I deal with was giving away free calendars to all their loyal customers. This wasn’t your average calendar, but a very useful one in terms of HVAC needs. The calendar came with notes that told you special dates that the heating and cooling company were running specials on all of their heating and cooling products and services. There was even open spaces on all the dates for the customer to make their own reminder notes about HVAC tune ups and check ups too! This was a real great gift from the local heating and cooling company. As I was flipping through the calendar, I was seeing that coming up in the next few months, they will be running a special on old furnace tune ups. And guess what? I have an old furnace in my basement that could for sure use a good tune up! It’s been so many months since I was able to have this old furnace tuned up, and with the great prices that they are offering thanks to this totally awesome HVAC calendar, I can get my furnace finally looked at and tuned up once again! It’s a good thing too…because my furnace was starting to show signs of needing a tune up from the local heating and air conditioning company. At the end of last Winter, the furnace was making noises. So, this special discount rate on having the furnace looked at is going to come in handy nicely. I am so glad that things worked out this way for me this year!


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