The Listing Error For My HVAC Business

I recently started up my HVAC business for my independent heating and cooling repair and installation services.

It was a rough start as it was.

Getting a website set up was the first hassle, and then the next is what I am about to mention. After you get a website, the next step is advertising. Well, I found a pretty good deal for internet advertising, as well as having some website banners made to be placed around the net. However, the thing that messed all this up for a little bit was the fact that my heating and air conditioning business was listed in the wrong category! They had my independent heating and air conditioning business listed as a community service! This is by no means some free community service! I started having my phone ring off the hook, and at first I thought this was going to be major business coming in! It turns out, because of the website listing errors, people were thinking I was some heating and cooling worker who was retired and offering a free service to perform HVAC repair and installation as a favor to the community! This was not only crazy, but sort of insulting after I paid the advertiser a nice chunk of change. I called them up and got pretty mad. I finally was able to get the whole situation fixed after a long talk with the owner of the advertising company I hired. They also offered me an extra month of their services free. I really hope this HVAC business venture gets better!


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