The Cat And The Heated Floors

I really love my cat.

He is actually my best friend in the whole wide world! A lot of people don’t understand the bond between pets and their owners, unless you have one yourself. My cat does all kinds of crazy things that are both cute and annoying. One thing he does that is actually cute, is he seems to love the radiant heated floors I had put in last Winter! Every time I am running my radiant heated floors, the cat just runs right over to them, and sits on the radiant heated floors while purring and resting. I am not sure what my cat sees or enjoys in my radiant heated floors. He doesn’t act this way when the central air conditioning system is on. We have air vents in the ground, so he could easily do the same thing with the air conditioning system, but he doesn’t. There is something about those radiant heated floors! Maybe this cat really likes heat, or maybe the cat just likes the vibration that it feels from the radiant heated floors being on. I really have no clue in the world. But, all I do know, is it is adorable! I can say, my radiant heated floors have done me a lot of good with my heating, as well as reducing the cost of my monthly electric bills. But, I wouldn’t ever see myself sleeping on the radiant heated floors like my cat enjoys doing. Cats, and even any animals are interesting creatures. I really do adore my beautiful cat!

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