My New Job Cleaning Air Ducts

I am a new worker at an HVAC company.

  • Fresh out of school and just in the process of getting my HVAC licence, the local heating and air conditioning company was kind enough to give me an early start and allow me to work as I learn! I thought this was totally awesome of them to do this for me.

I am not doing any major HVAC repair jobs or anything, because legally, I am not allowed to just yet. But I am learning and watching the other HVAC workers. The one job they did give me though that I am allowed to do, is cleaning people’s air ducts. This is done under the wing of a certified heating and air conditioning specialist of course. I have to say, I am not enjoying just cleaning air ducts. However, I am grateful that I am actually doing something. Otherwise, I would feel guilty not having to do any of the air conditioning or heating repairs, and get paid to just sit and watch the HVAC workman I am with that specific day. The heating and air conditioning company I am working for told me, that as soon as my HVAC certification comes through, I can actually get out on the field, and no longer be restricted to just cleaning air ducts. I will still need to be under the wing of a certified heating and air conditioning specialist in the beginning, but, they said I should be able to go out on my own and repair central heating and air conditioning systems, as well as install them on my own within three to four months.

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