Air Conditioning Is My True Paradise

Some people love to go on vacations, some people love to just get away with their other halves.

As for me, my true paradise and idea of a vacation is wonderful air conditioning! Air conditioning in the hot months of the year is something that I really need to be able to even function properly. You see, having no air conditioning growing up maybe has something to do with it. We lived in a rather low income area, my family was not very well off growing up. Living on the bare minimum was something I became used to. And this included no air conditioning in the Summer! We had to deal with fans. In the event it got too hot to where air conditioning was needed, we always had to go stay with my grandparents in their air conditioning for a few days, until the heatwave was over and done with. This was a rather rough way to live growing up. But, once I became an adult and got a great career, a great job and good money, it was air conditioning all the way for me! I have the best in heating and air conditioning products in my house. Also, I even got myself one of those whole home air purification systems to improve the air quality in my home. Sure, I do like to go on vacations when I can. But to me, if I just have time off from work in the Summer, I would be happy to just sit in my house and enjoy my top notch air conditioning and whole home air purification system!

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