The Indoor Roller Coaster Accident

I’m sure this hurt business.

At the local mall, we have an indoor mini amusement park. It’s not much, but it’s great for kids and teenagers to hang out, have fun and ride all the different rides they have. They got this one indoor roller coaster in there that has been popular for decades. It is possibly the only thing they have not replaced or updated since the 1980’s when they built this indoor mini amusement park. Well, that was about to change as the indoor roller coaster had a major accident and crashed off its tracks! Thankfully, no one was hurt as it was during an after hours test run. But what was hurt was a stock of heating and air conditioning equipment that was in a store right next to where the roller coaster went off the tracks. The crash ended up damaging over three thousand dollars worth of heating and air conditioning equipment. That wasn’t a whole lot when you think of all the HVAC products that were in this store. But, the entire front end of the store had to be repaired. And, this store that sold the heating and cooling products ended up having to be closed for a few weeks. I’m sure this hurt business. Thankfully for them though, this time of year isn’t too big on major HVAC purchases. But needless to say, that roller coaster was no more. They tore it down and plan to build a new and up to date version. Sad really, because that roller coaster was all that was left of the original place.

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