I hate to say I told you so

I’ve been telling my husband for two weeks, that I hear a sound in the ducting above our bed.

  • The sound only occurs at night and it sounds like a frog.

My husband told me that I’m hearing things in my sleep. When the HVAC company came to service our furnace, I told them about the strange sound in the ductwork. Since it’s possible for animals to find their way into the ductwork, the HVAC company offered to have a look. They used a small camera on the end of a probe, and they inserted it in the ductwork above my bed. They searched through four different air ducts, but they couldn’t find anything. I knew my husband thought I was crazy, but I really thought I heard a frog croaking. The HVAC technician decided to search the area in my office, which is adjacent to the bedroom. Sure enough, they saw a small frog in the vent space above my desk. The small frog was probably traveling throughout the house via the ducting. The frog was perfectly healthy, and the HVAC technician believed it was the only animal. When my husband got home from work, he was in total disbelief. The HVAC tune-up was a few days ago, and I haven’t heard any strange sounds since the frog was removed. I guess I was right the whole time. I think my husband really thought I was making the whole frog up, until the HVAC technician confirmed my suspicions. I’m really happy that the sound was an animal and not my imagination.

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