Bring the portable AC for cooler temperatures

Most of my friends and I enjoy board games like Monopoly, Battleship, and Life. Most of my friends also enjoy games of chance like poker, spades, and dice. On Saturday night, my friends and I usually play poker at my house. I have a nice poker table with felt, chip racks and cup holders. We play in the garage, where there is a lot of space. Since most of my friends and I smoke, it’s easier to play in the garage. There is plenty of good ventilation with the garage door open. I don’t allow any smoking in the house, because it makes the place smell bad. Last Saturday, the temperatures outside were extremely warm. Even after the sun went down, it was still 86 degrees in the garage. I decided to call my friend Bobby and ask him to bring a portable AC unit to the game. Bobby has a portable AC unit for his garage, because he works from home as a mechanic. He is constantly working outside on cars, trucks, or SUV’s, and the portable AC keeps conditions bearable. Bobby was happy to bring the portable AC unit, and he even came early to set it up. By the time our other friends arrived to play poker, the garage temperature had settled down to 78 degrees. It was still pretty warm and humid, but at least it wasn’t unbearable. I didn’t win much money that night, but Bobby took first place overall. I guess he had good karma for bringing the cool air and setting everything up early.
Cooling install

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