Advantages of a commercial rooftop unit

I recently bought a commercially zoned building with the hopes of opening a bakery and coffee shop.

It’s going to be quite a while before my business is up and running.

The building has been vacant for over five years, and it’s a huge mess. There are knee-high weeds growing up through cracks in the parking lot and many of the windows are broken. At some point, a pipe leaked and there is water damage to the walls and floors. I need to replace the plumbing, upgrade the electrical wiring, install new fixtures and pretty much tear the walls, ceilings and floors down to the bare studs. One of my biggest concerns has been the heating and cooling system. The area where the building is located experiences hot and humid summers and terribly cold and snowy winters. It’s necessary to install a powerful, reliable, safe and energy efficient HVAC unit. I certainly don’t want something that takes up too much space, looks ugly or makes a lot of noise. I have been consulting with a local HVAC professional, and he recommends that I invest in a commercial rooftop unit. This type of system combines both heating and cooling into a single component, and as the name implies, it’s located on the roof of the building. There are a lot of advantages to rooftop heating/cooling units. They are safe from vandalism or accidental damage from cars attempting to park too close to the equipment. When the system requires maintenance or repairs, there’s no disruption to day-to-day business. The HVAC technician can easily access the equipment without disturbing anyone. The rooftop unit is positioned out of sight, where it’s not an eyesore and the operational sounds aren’t a problem.


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