Road construction leads to new air conditioning

Living in the northern area of the country, there’s no need for central cooling.

  • While our kids sometimes complained of the summer time heat plus humidity, I figured we were just fine with some box fans plus open windows.

I appreciated the chop from the big energy bills. I regularly thought it was fantastic for our health to let in some fresh air… Unfortunately, last Spring, the county decided to tear up the road directly in front of our house. The project was expected to last somewhere from several to several weeks. The road crew correctly started work at several in the afternoon, running heavy machinery plus waking up our whole family. They created a tremendous amount of exhaust fumes plus dust. Our vehicles plus the exterior of the house were coated in grime within a matter of hours. There was no way we could leave our windows open. This meant that our house became terribly boiling plus clammy feeling, then faced with an entire summer time of suffering the heat, I finally provided in plus invested in a central cooling system, a local HVAC business was sympathetic to our circumstances plus managed to get the method installed very abruptly. I was amazed by the improvement in the comfort plus cleanliness of the home. With the windows closed, we aren’t dealing with pollen, bugs, fumes, dust or exterior noise pollution. The whole house is perfectly cool at all times. The gentle sound of the air conditioner drowns out the machinery from outside. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make the update into whole-beach house cooling, and because the method is Energy Star rated, it doesn’t cost all that much to operate.


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