Getting heated floors because I hate heated air rising

Nothing irritates me more than heat rising. For years I lived with a gas furnace and hated it. Anytime I changed a light bulb smoke just about came out of my ears I was so mad. The house would be freezing cold, the furnace working overtime, but the area around my light fixture was sweltering hot. For a long time I just lived with high energy bills and disappointing indoor air temperatures. After the furnace finally died I went with heated flooring. The heating system is in the floorboards and boasted not rising to the ceiling. The electric heated mats never use any air, so nothing rose up. Also, with the electric heating, anything that sat on my heated floors was naturally heated. The couch, recliners and loveseat all felt like heated seats with the heating system. I also found a lot more benefits with this amazing heater device. It makes no sound when operating. It is a silent, steady stream of heating that is clean to breathe in. With the furnace, I was constantly changing air filters and worrying about my indoor air. The electric heated mats are protected under the floorboards and don’t blow air filled with dust. It is cleaner, fresher and better warmth coming around my home. I think my favorite feature with heated flooring though is that there are no hot and cold spots. With the furnace heat rising, some rooms were cold and some areas were a bit hot. The heated flooring system is set up evenly throughout the home so every area has the same amount of heat no matter what.
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