Neighbor fixed my AC device

For a long time I avoided my nextdoor neighbor Chuck, he regularly was trying to stop by as well as chat with me. I am honestly antisocial as well as I don’t like making friends with the neighbors. I had a group of friends over to my apartment as well as I couldn’t not invite him. He lives right there as well as would have been offended. I am so happy that I did now! My air conditioner program had been making noise as well as acting unhappy all day. When the party started going, the cooling program just up as well as quit. I figured on a hefty AC repair as well as messing around with an Heating as well as A/C business the whole party, and my neighbor Chuck went right over to the AC machine as well as got to work. He took it apart as straight-forward as unwrapping a present. He found the concern as well as fixed it with tools as well as parts I had around the house. It took him under an hour as well as the AC program worked perfectly afterwards. I tried to pay him since he basically did the task my cooling business was going to do. He said the party as well as budweiser were enough for him. I am going to be best friends with this guy. Heating as well as A/C tune ups as well as repairs are overpriced. If he will do it for free as well as all he wants is a little friendship, that is fantastic with me. I can chat every now as well as then if I believe I am getting a free cooling repair out of it. He will be a handy buddy to have, especially when Winter time is coming around.



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