HVAC in Rented Home is a Headache

Our plan was to always keep owning homes.

We would simply change homes as the needs of our family changed.

The beauty part was the fact that a person could count on making a bit of a profit on a home sale. That dynamic has completely changed now. First, the housing market is in such a constant state of flux that there is no such thing as a sure profit anymore. If you do want make some money when selling a home it takes tons of work. The upfront costs for upgrading a home to sell can be staggering. Things like new heating and cooling systems and kitchen renovations don’t come cheap. So, my wife and I decided to simply rent when we got out of our last home. We basically broke even so decided to put that money into something that could grow that money. Now we are renting. For the most part, I enjoy it because my household task list is far shorter than in any other time in my life. If something goes wrong, I just call the rental office and they deal with it. However, there is one key element that I am in near constant stress about. The HVAC system in our rental home is just the worst. The heating and cooling unit is so outdated and overmatched that I am calling the rental office every few weeks for yet another service call. I can’t seem to reason with these people at all. They just turn a deaf ear to any logic about replacing the HVAC system.


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